Matthias Oertel


I am a photographer who is passionate about people and their stories. Photography for me is the atmospheric capturing of interpersonal moments. I dedicate myself to this interest in particular in the form of portraits, editorials, commissioned works and independent works. Since studying photography at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, I live in Hamburg and work wherever my profession takes me. I am part of — m a g — creative collaboration. You can also visit my instagram profile.

Currently accepting new bookings

+49 152 021 810 27

Selected publications

Brand eins, Capital, DB Mobil, Der Freitag, Deutsche Bank ArtMag, Die Zeit, Focus, Dogs Magazine, Elbphilharmonie Magazin, Fräulein Magazine, Gala Men, Galore, Google Aufbruch, Harvard Business Manager, Heimatdesign, Hygge, Kaltblut, Mint Magazin, Manager Magazin, Monopol Magazin, Visions, Zeit Magazin Mann

Selected clients

C3, Haeberlein & Mauerer AG, Hey Now, Hoffmann und Campe X, Loved by thjnk, Ogilvy & Mather Düsseldorf, SZ Scala and Territory. Other clients include Bauer Media Group, DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga, Droschl Literaturverlag, Enversum, Finvia, Google, Gruner + Jahr, IDM Südtirol, Kohl PR und Partner GmbH, Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund, Radiologische Allianz Hamburg, Reisenthel, Saga Unternehmensgruppe, Sisley Paris, Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe, Telekom Electronic Beats, Uuio, Yoonit

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